Intervention - Correction

Children with shortsightedness need to be fully corrected. No scientific reported undercorrection can slow down myopia progression. On contrary, undercorrection may induced a small but insignificant increase in myopia progression compared to full correction18, 19.

Intervention - Myopia Control

MiSight™ is one of the options for myopia control available in the market.

MiSight™ : A Daily Disposable Contact Lens

Key benefits

  • One day contact lens: free from complicated cleansing procedure

  • Lens made of Proclear® material: effective in locking in moisture and providing more than sufficient oxygen for daily wear

  • Correct shortsightedness (nearsighted) while help reduce the progression of myopia

MiSight™ - ActivControl™ Technology

ActivControl™ Technology combines two optical systems that provide:

  • Clear Distance, Intermediate and Near Vision

  • Treatment Zones that can slow down the rate of progression of myopia

What is ActivControl™ Technology

A technology that delivers dual optical properties

  • an optic for vision correction and

  • an optic to control myopia progression

ActivControl™ Technology creates myopia defocus to control myopia progression.

Myopia defocus treatment effect: Distribution

Efficacy - Myopia progression21:

  • Average reduction was 0.30D/yr (p<0.01)

  • 75% of the treatment eyes received ≥ 30% reduction in myopia progression

  • 20% of the treatment eyes stopped myopic progression

Myopia defocus treatment effect: Eyeball length

  • Eye growth responses to the myopic retinal defocus treatment at commencement (Slope A)

  • Once the lens wear is discontinued, the eye will progress with its normal rate (Slope B)

  • However, the treatment effect already received will remain20 and did not develop into slope of C

MiSight™ Lens Parameters

Material omafilcon A
BCOR 8.70mm
Diameter 14.20mm
Powers -0.25D to -6.00D
Water Content 60%
Ct (@-3.00D) 0.09mm
Dk/t 36.6
Replacement Daily Disposable
Modality Daily Wear
Packaging 30 lenses per pack
Handling tint Light blue
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